Monday, 29 August 2011

Practically Dead

So I only just realised just now that I'm 20 two weeks on Friday. When did that happen?! 20! That's a quarter of the way to death! Over a quarter in fact, as UK male life expectancy (according to the incredibly reliable source Wikipedia) is about 77. Oh my god, I've lost over a quarter of my life already!

I don't want to be old. I don't want wrinkles. I don't want aches and pains and having to make that "oohh" noise every time you sit down. I want to stay young. I want to be (relatively) fine, with no real things to do. A mortgage? Nah, that's not for me, I'm still a teenager! But not for long...

Being a teenager basically gives you a license to do stupid stuff without real reprieve. "Oh, I was young and stupid" is such a great excuse. But not one I'll be able to use for much longer.

The last few weeks of being a teenager will probably be the same as ever, but I'll always know that 20 is creeping up on me. Getting ever closer and closer and closer, and there's not a single thing I can do about it but wait. It's such a major milestone, like leaving your childhood behind and becoming a real adult. "So, you're 20 now ey? What're you doing with your life then? What do you mean you don't know, you're a [i]real[/i] adult now, you've got to do something. No more dossing about like you could when you were a teenager, you've got to get on with your life. Gone are the days of fun and whimsy and wonder, your time is going to be filled with bills, work and other tedious things you don't want to do but have to. You're an adult now."

I can't be an astronaut or a race car driver or a cowboy or a famous sportsperson any more. I've got to get real career prospects. Become a banker or a data handler or a systems analyst or something equally as mundane. Actually, no. I'm not getting a boring ass job. I'm not going to pay bills. I'm gonna be a kid forever. I'm gonna turn into Peter Pan and parade about being as young as I want and taking no notice of the Grim Reaper bearing over my shoulder, watching my every move, dropping another grain of sand through my hourglass, each one bringing me closer to sleeping underground. I want to be a photographer and writer anyway, and that's not going to change any time soon.

So to hell with feeling old, I'm going to live my life regardless of age and enjoy the heck out of it. You only live once, right?

Until Next Time...

Monday, 22 August 2011

Otley Chevin Panorama

Otley Chevin Panorama by tomjefffries
Otley Chevin Panorama, a photo by tomjefffries on Flickr.

So there's a long story behind this, but I shan't bore you with it. Panoramic shot of Otley Chevin, took over an hour and a half in PS but was definitely worth it. Give it a look!

Until Next Time...

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Been Busy But...

Man, I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated! I've got a few posts in my mind for you, and a few more I need to work out, but for now here's a video I've made.

I shot it, edited it and finished it all yesterday, and it's the first video I've made (like, ever!) so it might be a bit shoddy, but I'm thinking about making more. As well as the photography. We'll just have to see!

So without further ado, here's the video!

Oh, and before I forget, I've started using Flickr properly. I'm going to be putting some new stuff up there soon, so you should definitely give it a look!

Until Next Time...

Monday, 8 August 2011


So I've had the pot off and went back to work literally the day after. Freedom returned! Well, not quite.

Because of having the pot on, my leg's died a little. So now, rather than having two legs the same, I've got one leg less-muscly than the other. Brilliant! Also, because of the muscle loss, I can't really put that much weight on it, and can't run or do heavy weight-bearing things with it for another 4 weeks. Bummer! But I guess everything happens for a reason, and I've really come to see that recently. Every single little thing that has ever happened, and will ever happen, means something. I thought breaking my foot was just to mess up my plans for the summer, but really, I've probably done better than had I not broken it.

I'm working on a few posts at the moment, so stay tuned for those, but in the mean-time, here's a video I just almost died laughing at. Enjoy.

Until Next Time...

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

4 weeks ago tomorrow, I broke my foot. A weird milestone to celebrate, but do you know what? It means that it's one day closer to getting my pot taken off. Wednesday 3rd August is the day I'm finally freed from my literal and figurative prison. And yet, I've got mixed feelings.

Sure it'll be great to get the pot taken off and be able to move my foot properly (and regain full movement again) for the first time in over a month, but I'm kind of used to it now.

I've got a way of just "getting on" with things (or at least I think I do anyway), and I've just grown used to it. Incorporated it into my life really. I can't imagine not having to have a bath without first having to strap a bin-liner around my leg, and dangling my leg over the side. I can't imagine what it was like to be able to curl up in bed and actually be comfortable, or what it's like in the outside world.

I feel like a prisoner that's been away for 20 years, and is scared of going back into the "outside world".

And I know that sounds stupid, but that's probably just me. I guess it will be good to be able to drive again, to be able to walk again, to be able to do anything I can't do at the moment again. Man I've missed doing those things I can't do now.

You don't know what you've got until it's taken away. As cliché as it sounds, it's true.

So make the most of what you have now, because you never know when it's going to be taken away from you.

Until Next Time...

How Did You Ever Get Through School?

The literacy, grammar and spelling prowess of commenters on YouTube makes me wonder how we're ever going to tackle such global problems as poverty, famine and obesity when some people can't even spell the word "least". 

It seems "stupidity" should be added to the unending list. Along with Ignorance. You can't forget ignorant people. They just won't let you forget them. They've got to be there, at the forefront of everything, knowing nothing. "I reckon..." is their main discourse marker, but notable others include "'ere right, you're stupid because you don't think the way I do" [paraphrased] and the old gem "I'm not racist but...". Anyone who utters the latter is nothing but a liar, and should be treated with nothing but caution. 

So take care. Care is something that not enough people have these days, it seems that caring about someone/something is to show weakness, and it is much better to just be selfish and do what you can to make your life as good as possible, whilst not caring about other people's. Such destructive thoughts can't be allowed to continue. The more you care for others, the more you'll feel cared about, and this is only a good thing.

Or just do whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like, it seems most people are nowadays.

Until Next Time...

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Two Weeks Down

So it was two weeks ago today that I broke my foot. Doesn't time fly! Well, not particularly when you can't really do that much.

I've been spending a lot of time listening to the Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank Podcast. It's pretty hilarious and really has kept me entertained  the past two weeks, as has the entire website. I'd definitely recommend a look, it's a pretty cool website. Link;

So that's all for now, I've got a few posts lined up and a few in the pipeline, so stay tuned. You never know, I might have actually finished them.

Until Next Time...